Common Sense Snacking

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Happy Herbert’s snacks are delightfully delicious, pleasurably crunchy and made from wholesome ingredients. Happy Herbert’s snacks, however, are not designed to provide a significant amount of nutrition. Snacks such as pretzels and chips are processed foods produced from refined ingredients and subjected to high heat. Refinement depletes and heat destroys much of the vitamin content found in the raw ingredients.

We at Happy Herbert’s firmly believe that our products will cause no harm when enjoyed occasionally in nothing more than moderate amounts. It certainly is not advisable to frequently consume processed snack foods as a substitute for meals of highly nutritious foods. A healthy diet should consist primarily of minimally processed fresh foods such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables, as well as organic meat and/or fish (if you’re omnivorous).

Foods that provide calories with little or no nutrition are considered “junk foods”. Happy Herbert’s snacks are much less “junky” than many other snacks on the market today. While we realize the tantalizing flavor and texture of our snacks may create a strong desire to continue eating them we urge our customers to exercise restraint and common sense. The best advice we can offer to someone concerned that they may end up finishing off an entire bag of a Happy Herbert’s snack in a single sitting is…SHARE.

While Happy Herbert’s snacks may not provide significant physiological benefits they can certainly provide psychological, mental and/or emotional benefits. Many people find crunchy, flavorful snacks a helpful antidote for stress, boredom and the blues. It’s as though any negative energy one may be harboring dissipates into the crunch of a hard pretzel. Many people consider their favorite Happy Herbert’s snack a “comfort” food that brings them to a place of peace and tranquility. We know that our customers purchase our products not only for their quality but because consuming them simply makes them feel good. But like many other good things in life, snacking on pretzels and chips should not be overdone.

We hope our customers are thinking carefully about how and what they eat. A healthy customer is a happy customer and we definitely want all of our customers happy!

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